5 Reasons Why Working with Youth is for the

“Everybody’s youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.” Thus wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald.
This quote rings true through the decades. We were all young once. When we remember the days
of our youth with radiant nostalgia, it sometimes makes us amazed with how much has changed
since then. The rise of mobiles, tablets, and other wireless communication turns corded phones
and boxy computers into a distant memory. Constantly expanding, technology has now reached a
point where everyone owns at least one electronic device. Most people usually have one or two
devices on their person at all times. As technology increases, face-to- face social interaction has
decreased. And that means that young kids are in need of help now more than ever. Youth
workers have stepped up to meet the challenge head on. It is no simple task. Young people can
be stubborn, imagining the way that they do things to be the correct and best way to go about it.
When offered help, they may not always be the most welcoming. Breaking through their barriers
and ideals of what is good and healthy can become difficult for a youth worker. The trick is to
keep at it. The more you stick with them, the easier it will allow youth to see that you care about
them and your only aim is to gently assist them. Working with young people requires a
substantial amount of energy, patience, and a good sense of humour. But above all, it requires a
heart for the young. Not necessarily being young at heart.