Sales & Marketing Systems/Processes Set Up

We come into your business for as little or as much as you require and provide solutions around sales and marketing systems for small to medium size organisations which need sales, marketing and support systems that are cost effective, easy to use and work immediately.

Our capabilities include:

  • Working through the entire process from start to finish of bringing to life a simple cost-effective CRM.
  • Collating your years of spreadsheets and contacts from all the areas of your business.
  • Linking your website, your database, your CRM and your marketing – so you have everything in one place ensuring maximum database exposure for better marketing practice.
  • Tidy up, refresh and organise your database/contacts at the same time to ensure you have very clean, well-organised database.
  • Introduce you, and facilitate offshore outsourcing if required to assist in streamlining your processes, increase productivity and reduce costs.

By engaging with Take8 Group, you get to continue to focus on what you do and let us take on the worry and hassle of new improved systems to enable your business not only to grow but thrive.

Leadership, Sales & Professional Development

  • Achieve your business goals through improved employee performance and strong leadership skills. The Take8 Group helps in training and cultivating talent in your organisation so that you can derive the best from newly hired employees to senior executives to the Management on the whole.
  • Take8 Group offers employee training, coaching, learning, and development consulting on an array of topics in the Leadership & Management, Sales & Service, and Professional Development. We pride ourselves on being highly personal and fully engaged in your company’s success.
  • From setup to implementation to evaluation, we work closely with your team and immerse ourselves in your company’s culture so that we can design the ideal solution to accomplish specific targets and goals.

Learning and Training Services Solutions

  • Take8 Group is becoming the leading learning and training services and professional development solutions, provider.
  • We deliver learning solutions to support customers as they adapt to key business transformations and technological advancements that drive the way that organisations across a broad range of industries differentiate themselves and thrive.
  • Our learning programs, whether designed for a national organisation or an individual professional, help businesses close skill gaps and foster an environment of continuous talent development.

Leadership Events and Retreats

  • Take8 Group hosts and facilitates leadership retreats, workshops and experiences that are profoundly transformative for individuals and organisations of all sizes. Audiences typically include top end business executives, elite athletes, high-potential managers, emerging leaders and sales teams. Cohort groups typically range from 10 – 20 participants.
  • Our keynote guests, speakers and partners are renowned high-profile leaders and provide premium experiences for you and/or your teams. Speakers typically deliver the keynote session, and are available to participate in consultative group conversations and 1 on 1 side meetings throughout the event/retreat.
  • Take8 hosts fully integrated leadership development and trust-building experiences for executive teams. We partner with luxury resorts and adventure outfits throughout Australia to create memorable executive retreats that enhance learning, reinforce common values, build trust within teams and to network and immerse yourself with like-minded people.